The Best PHP Editors for Windows

PHP is one of the premier scripting languages right now for web development. The problem is the editors. There are over 50 of them out there. When you ask someone, which one is the best and are usually you always get a different answer.

Well today, we are going to hack our way through the PHP jungle and see if we can whittle down the number of PHP editors to a more manageable number. This way you can choose an Editor that has the features you want, reliable, and is Top Rated by the PHP developer community as well.

When you finish with this article, you should be able to pick one of the best PHP Editors for Windows that suits your needs, temperament, and intended usage. In addition, many of the PHP Editors that are also out there to be had are free.


Built originally to support the Linux world, Blue fish is now in its second incarnation at 2.2.6 to be exact and gives you a great IDE that lets you work in almost any scripting system you can think of with seamless integration to most OS platforms. They have a Windows version as well as one for the Mac. Bluefish supports almost 30 different sets of language definitions.

1. Ada
2. ASP .NET and VBS
3. C/C++
4. CSS
6. Clojure
7. D
8. gettext PO
9. Google Go
11. Java and JSP
12. JavaScript and jQuery
13. Lua
14. Octave/MATLAB
15. MediaWiki
16. NSIS
17. Pascal
18. Perl
19. PHP
20. Python
21. R
22. Ruby
23. Shell
24. Scheme
25. SQL
26. SVG
27. Vala
28. WordPress
29. XML

Bluefish is a “Full Screen Editor. Pearl compatible search functions. Put your output through Unix commands like sed, awk, or a customized process of your own.

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PHPanywhere is an online PHP editor that allows you to perform your edit and compiles it anywhere that has an Internet access. This is a great tool if you have to do patches in field, on a customer’s site, or at the office. You can get to your code anywhere; this gives you a portable IDE. The software has a plethora of options and features, such as a FTP explorer, Syntax highlighting ability, and much more.

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This editor was created to replace the limited featured Notepad. Notepad++ is written in C++.This package runs under most versions of Window. However, it does much more that just replace Notepad.
• It supports WYSIWYG printing
• Notepad++ contains language support for most of the major languages
• Macro recording and playback
• User defined syntax (Write your own scripting language)
• The GUI is completely under your control to edit it and make it do, look, and feel any way that makes you happy.
• It also supports Syntax folding, which is also customizable to meet your needs and desires.
• One of its many other selling points is that it Peal Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE) Search & Replace.
• It supports a tabbed multi-document editing feature.
• It uses Predictive Auto Completion Input, allowing it to finish your input string for you.
• User defined Syntax Highlighting.
Notepad ++ is one of the #1 PHP Editors out there and with all these capabilities.

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