Using Nano Editor to Code PHP

Nano is a command-line text editor used in Linux, and this is a very powerful tool for coders into PHP. You’re able to edit an abundance of commands when you make use of Nano, but when you use Nano on a Linux SSD VPS you get that extra boost that many other people don’t get the privilege of having! Getting into Nano is the easy part, all you’ve got to do is type in “nano” while the command prompt is opened. Now the main reason using Nano on a Linux SSD VPS is so beneficial is because of the SSD portion, these drives (which are solid-state drives) really pack a punch! Power is the name of the game in the VPS world, and that’s why an SSD has the ability to beef up even the weakest of systems. My needs are going to differ from yours or even your friends, and as a result many VPS’s will come in different “flavours”. Since we’re using Nano it only seems right to make use of a Linux VPS, and since you can never go wrong with speed the use of SSD’s (solid-state drives) is highly recommended. Seeing as PHP is (respectively) and abundance of code put together to make something whole this text editor is useful for Linux developers, you need to be able to edit and write lines of code somehow.

SSD’s have always been highly recommended from me, and that’s because I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them. A VPS isn’t going to help you out if you don’t set it up for success, and that’s why I like to use the best drivers and graphics card I can when I look for a VPS. They aren’t even that expensive, you can find a cheap Linux SSD VPS for your PHP coding needs for around $10 a month, so there’s no excuses here. VPS’s can help you organize the many different pieces of data you’ll be working with while you code as well, and seeing as you’re making use of solid-state drives the I/O speed is going to be astonishing. The I/O speed is referencing how quickly the VPS can read and write data, and writing data at a slow pace isn’t a great way to garner positive attention.

I’m calling all Linux PHP developers out there to test out my theory, that theory being anybody whom uses a Linux SSD Cheap VPS to code PHP will vastly outrank their competitors sometime in the future. I know it sounds like a long shot now, but just you wait! Linux isn’t the most popular operating system according to the public audience, but we all know it’s one of the greatest operating systems ever deployed when it comes to technical terms. With a VPS that uses SSD’s you’ll never have to hang your head low about using Linux ever again, but it’s not like you needed to do that in the first place, right?